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Change Makers: Laura Muwanguzi gives hope to Uganda's children with sickle cell anemia

WONKedition's interview series Change Makers spotlights Gen Zers that are taking action to change the world.

August 2020
Meet the founder of Sickle Uganda Hope Givers:

Who are you?
I’m Laura Muwanguzi, 15 years old. I live in Kisasi Kampala, Uganda.

What’s Sickle Uganda Hope Givers?
It is an organisation I started up last week to help sickle cell anemia children and other patients here in Uganda to help on there medication food hygiene and well being.

Why did you start Sickle Uganda Hope Givers?
I started it up because I have friends from school that are sicklers. They pass through a lot of pain. Not only that, but I lost an aunt due to sickle cells. All this makes me want to start helping the sicklers and giving them hope.

Where do you see yourself and Sickle Uganda Hope Givers one year from now?
I see myself helping children in Africa that are sickle cell anemia carriers and giving them hope through the work I shall have done.

Find out more about Sickle Uganda Hope Givers.

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