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The China Lowdown: What happens in China stays in … everywhere

This is the first article in The China Lowdown, WONKedition’s series to help you understand one of the world’s first civilizations and present super powers.

August 2020
In about 50 years China has gone from being an isolated poor and unstable rural society to becoming a global high-tech super power. That’s a record in the history of humanity. Not long ago, China was just another far away country. Today, China is everywhere. Its leader, President Xi Jinping, was labeled as the world’s most powerful man by The Economist in 2017.

Note to readers: Chinese surnames come first, followed by personal names.

“China is too important a country to fail. We are all stakeholders in Xi’s leadership, and its success … it is no longer a question of containing China; China now contains us. Its failure would be ours … We should be thankful that the leadership is not as volatile in Beijing as it currently is in Washington.” //Kerry Brown in his 2018 book The World According to Xi.

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