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Change Makers: Jahkil Jackson is a teen supporting the homeless in Chicago

WONKedition's interview series Change Makers spotlights the Gen Z stars taking action to change the world.

September 2020
Meet the founder of Project I Am:

Who are you?
Jahkil Jackson, 13, Chicago, Founder of Project I Am and social entrepreneur.

What’s Project I Am?
Project I Am is an organization I started to build awareness to homelessness when I was 8 years old. The organization provides temporary assistance to those in need. Project I Am also encourages other youth to be active in their community.

Why did you start Project I Am?
When I was 5 I saw people with no home when I went with my aunt to feed the homeless in Chicago. I was very passionate about helping them, so much that I asked my parents to buy them all homes. Since we could not do that, they helped me figure out something that I could do at my young age to help out.

Where do you see yourself and Project I Am one year from now?
I see myself as a freshman in high school in one year. I plan to still be moving forward with Project I Am, and hope to be able to expand my efforts to help the homeless.

Take a look at Project I Am’s website.

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