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Trump’s scandal interview with Bob Woodward reminds us to see ‘All the President’s Men’ again

September 2020
US President Donald Trump has received tons of public criticism in recent days after he admited that he lied about how serious the coronavirus is. He admitted lying during interviews with journalist Bob Woodward, the Michael Jordan of journalism.

Woodward was a key player on the reporting team that uncovered the Watergate scandal that forced Richard Nixon to step down as president in the 1970s.

This makes it extra perfect timing to see the classic movie All the President’s Men, a depiction of the journalistic work during the Watergate scandal. The film shows, among other things, how Woodward conducted super secret interviews with a then undisclosed source nicknamed Deep Throat. The film reminds us that those in power sometimes will try to deceive the public and that the work of serious journalists is key to help us be informed with the facts. Journalists are profesional fact-checkers.

The film is based on the book with the same title written by Woodward and his reporting partner Carl Bernstein. WONKedition has recommended the movie before and it just wants to say it again: All the President’s Men is a film you gotta see! Check out the trailer:

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