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Change Makers: Aditi Banerjee is a teenage YouTube creator pushing for climate action

WONKedition's interview series Change Makers spotlights the Gen Z stars taking action to change the world.

September 2020
Meet the power behind SaveOurWorld:

Who are you?
Hi, my name is Aditi Banerjee and I am a 15-year-old climate and environmental activist, using spoken word and video to provoke positive action, particularly amongst the youth of today.

What’s SaveOurWorld?
SaveOurWorld is my YouTube Channel, which promotes driving change, one step at a time, so we can together build a bright and equitable future for all! These short videos cover topics ranging from social injustice, to combating the exponential rise in plastic pollution. There’s also a series of videos explaining each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, set out by the United Nations in 2015. My two-minute videos cover the issues we currently face, our large scale aims, and what we can each do in our everyday lives, in striving to achieve these targets.

Why did you start SaveOurWorld?
Like most of my generation, I tend to spend a lot of time online, and so two years ago, I found myself inspired by the power of short videos, to do good and incite change. I wanted to do more than simply consume these positive messages, hence, I thought I could create a platform for people to learn beyond the classroom, about topics that could truly save our world... and so my YouTube channel was born! This mission was expanded almost a year later, when I came across a Ted Talk by now internationally recognised activist: Greta Thunberg, which sparked a motivation for me to do more to act on climate change. I have learnt that it is through our collective actions, that true change is brought about, so I decided to create a website, encouraging others to also adopt sustainable lifestyles and raise their voice for good, once they are armed with the facts of today’s reality.

Where do you see yourself and SaveOurWorld one year from now?
I would hope to have further grown my reach through the channel, to raise awareness of causes, where people can make a difference. Already, I have joined ‘One Earth, One Movement’: a new group of volunteers actively working, from across the globe, towards a mission which strives to build a better future. If I can inspire just one person to take my videos’ information as a tool to ignite change, my small action has had the power to ripple into a wave of new-found progress. And being a part of that progress is my ultimate goal.

Check out SaveOurWorld on YouTube and Aditi’s website

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