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Change Makers: Jade Cave is empowering young people to act to save the oceans

WONKedition's interview series Change Makers spotlights the Gen Z stars taking action to change the world.

September 2020
Meet the founder of Ocean Location:

Who are you?
My name is Jade Cave, I'm 16 years old. I'm originally from South Africa but I've lived in Fiji for the past ten years.

What’s Ocean Location?
Ocean Location is a youth powered initiative that empowers young people across the world to take action to protect and conserve the oceans. We approach empowerment through three tiers: information, inspiration and opportunities to act so that youth can get all the support and resources they need to make a difference in one place.

Why did you start Ocean Location?
I started Ocean Location because living in the Pacific for most of my life has shown me just how crucial the ocean is for human survival and culture, but in mainstream activism ocean conservation often got sidelined for other issues. OL is really about shifting conversations about climate change and conservation to include the oceans and their significance. I also noticed that there was a huge rift in activism where people who wanted to make an impact didn't have the tools to know how to do it, there was a lot of inspiration but not enough empowerment. We're trying to bridge that gap.

Where do you see yourself and Ocean Location one year from now?
A year from now I hope to see us as a multi-chaptered international non-profit that's having a concrete impact on coasts all over the world. I'm really excited to bring together young people in our teams, which are currently accepting applications at.

Find out more on Ocean Location’s website.

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