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Change Makers: Heja Havre is a teen startup in Sweden offering sustainable oat snacks

WONKedition's interview series Change Makers showcases the Gen Z stars taking action to change the world.

October 2020
Meet the entrepreneurs behind Heja Havre:

Who are you?
We’re a team of three extremely committed young entrepreneurs from Helsingborg, Sweden, plus our mascot Havré. We want to offer a sustainable, healthy, tasty as well as appreciated product. We are the OAT family :)
Stella Heffler, 19-year-old sales manager.
Maja Szokolay, 18-year-old CEO.
Agnes Wallin, 18-year-old chief of economics.
Havré is a happy little grain. With his sprawling hair, round nose, and a lovely smile he steals all the attention from the other team members.

What’s Heja Havre?
We at Heja Havre believe that unhealthy snacks shouldn’t stop anyone. Therefore, we offer a tasty delicious and filling snack. A vegan instant porridge! Our oatmeal is so much more than just oats. Heja Havre is also a lifestyle. Our porridge is made out of oats from Skåne, Sweden, from our partner Skåne-möllan. It is thanks to them that our oatmeal is so filling. With machines that are powered with eco-friendly electricity, Skåne-möllan can produce extra thin oats with most of the oat kernel. It is in the kernel where all the befits of oats are located, which helps you and your energy! Today we offer four different flavors; ChocolOATe, Apple and Cinnamon, Coconut and Banana, also Beet and Berry.

Heja Havre targets the young, environmentally conscious on-the-go customer. We want to find Heja Havre in the university cafeteria, at the train station, in your bag, and in your local shop. Still, Heja Havre is a product for everyone! As long as you love oats and healthy snacks, you will love our product!

Why did you start Heja Havre?
We felt that there existed a hole in the market. During our years in school we all had problems with finding a snack that's healthy, affordable, and saturating. In our school’s vending machines you could only buy candy which does not benefit your energy level. Apart from this, there existed very little assortment of vegan products. Heja Havre is OATcourse based on our undying love for oats and porridge.

Where do you see yourself and Heja Havre one year from now?
We want Heja Havre to be available anywhere and anytime for our customers, so they can easily buy them on-the-go. Therefore, our ambition is to establish resellers in the grocery trade by 2021 and make our production large-scale. Although, we also like to be available on various means of transport such as Sweden´s railway bistro. OATcourse, we will work towards growing stronger in our market and, therefore, we want to release more oat-based products. We are convinced that oats are the future.

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