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Governments around the world are failing to stop corruption

China is set to take over the global car market

Countries take steps to recruit more for military service

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Gen Zers won't even apply to a job if the salary isn't listed

Business Insider: Gen Zers are “less likely to apply for a job if the company does not disclose the salary range in the job posting ... Gen Zers value transparency and are generally more open to having salary discussions than previous generations”


Power and purity - Inside the suburban schools attended by members of the political elite, where sexual purity is prized

ABC: “Dozens of students from private schools in Sydney that are affiliated with the Opus Dei movement have spoken out about disturbing teachings within the schools”


Yale’s new edition of popular happiness class targets teens in 'a stressful time'

New Haven Register: “Within less than 48 hours of the launch, nearly 6,000 students enrolled in a new Yale University’s free online happiness class geared toward high-schoolers ... 'The Science of Well-Being for Teens'”

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