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World Cup Qatar 2022 – quick facts

TikTok’s advertising sales beat rivals

CO2 emissions to reach record highs this year

War on drug trafficking has been lost

Money has four prices

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The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence and Proof

New York Times:
“Here, we’ve done our best to present you with not only the most accurate scientific information, but also an explanation of how we know it”



Buried underpants and tea bags help scientists evaluate soil

News Decoder:
“Swiss citizens are burying cotton underpants and tea bags in their gardens and fields to help scientists assess the quality of soil”



After-school jobs are the best extracurricular activity

High School Insider/LA Times:
“If you want to learn genuine leadership and people skills, you are better off working the second shift at Target or dealing with unruly customers at McDonald’s”



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